Removing Consumer Complaints from Google: Why a Reputation Management Company Can Do It Best

A consumer who is looking through Google search results is likely to take all reviews seriously.  Unfortunately, even if Google search results present them with twenty or thirty positive reviews and only one consumer complaint, the individual may choose to turn away from that company and go searching for another one.

Removing Consumer Complaints from Google

It can occur that some apparent consumer complaints are actually competitors who are intentionally trying to harm the business through smearing their good name and online reputation.  Needless to say, the process of determining the source of such a complaint, and then proving that it is false and slanderous, can be long and difficult.  Google will not entirely remove consumer complaints without a court request.

Legitimate consumer complaints that indicate an error in the business’ products or services can be an opportunity for the business to reach out and demonstrate their excellent customer service in resolving the issue, but also a learning opportunity so that they might further improve their products or services.  However, since not every consumer whose complaint is rapidly and fully addressed may choose to remove their complaint, and since basic business ethics prevents a business from requesting such removal, there needs to be another solution for getting these complaints removed from Google.

While they may have plenty positive information and reviews available, a business may not know exactly how to use SEO to drive these to the top of search engine results as rapidly and effectively as possible.  A reputation management company is well-versed in fighting the damaging effects of consumer complaints–often through pushing positive reviews and information about the company higher in search results, and thereby pushing consumer complaints farther down in search results where they are less likely to be seen.  Since damaging reviews can definitely have a big impact on a business’ reputation and therefore on their income, it is well worth it to have professionals on one’s side, fighting to restore one’s good online reputation.

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