How reviews can improve your online reputation!

We now live in the information age.  This is the time period where, thanks to all of the different forms of media, information is at anyone’s fingertips and information itself is treated more so as a commodity as its worth and value is now well recognized.  In today’s digital age and given the value of free information, for some it would come as no surprise at all to learn that 90% of customers who use the internet when making buying decisions will easily admit that their own individual buying decisions are influenced by online reviews and comments.  Because of this one, simple fact, online reviews have never been as important for the success of your business as they are now.

Without a doubt, this simple truth will come as a surprise to some people whereas, for others, it will be common knowledge.  Regardless, there is no American company alive today that could not benefit from a more intensive approach to improving and strengthening its array of online reviews so that their business will gain the edge in the long run.

The Importance of Reviews

Regardless of where someone’s business is at, online reviews are important for a number of reasons, and they always, always, always have major implications through their ability to affect multiple different areas of business dissemination, PR, and marketing such as:

  • The rankings one’s site gets in local search engines
  • Which search results actually gets clicked on by pursuing potential clients
  • Consumers purchasing decisions when it comes down to picking your or the competition
  • The number of clients one has
  • The number of people in the community know and respect your business
  • The number of people who inevitably buy your product
  • The number of people who talk about you, your product, or your company and what they say.


All in all, online reviews are very important and are actually necessary and crucial in today’s day and age, as they represent the overall amount of care and integrity that the members of the company have put towards doing good business in general.  Reviews affect a business greatly.  A few terrible reviews could mean the end for a struggling company, whereas a few positive one could mean the furtherance of the already growing success of that company.  In truth, what happens as a result of reviews must be understood and respected, for they can be the make it or break it point for any business or company.