Right To Be Forgoten

Why Not just ask Google to remove information?

In short. Google will not remove information that is in the form of an attack or might even be slander. Google will in some cases remove websites that have verifiable copyright infringement; and even there it needs to be motivated by subpena. Google receives over 1.5 Million complaints each month. It’s a long and costly process which has no way of being automated. This is why the courts have imposed a safe harbour law. Google has rights, as a third party referrer to this information. You cannot sue Google, even in legitimate cases.

Why won’t Google side with me. I am being attacked unfairly?

As frustrating as this might be, these attacks are part of the content Google automatically indexes in it’s search engine. Google has policies on when they can intervene (eventually). I will leave it to head of Google Search Matt Cutts to explain:

We specialize in the removal of links in Google, Yahoo and Bing. If we cannot remove it we can certainly bury these items from Search engines. So what ever it is you want removed Call us now at 1-888-295-7134.