Plumbing Problems: Ignorance Leads to a Bad Reputation

Plumbing Problems: Ignorance Leads to a Bad Reputation

Companies and services have to be sure to deliver an incredible customer experience these days. When the Cary Family received a poor plumber experience last week, they took their experience to the Internet to share with other potential clients. “Same Day Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Repair” installed a new water heater for the family however it did not heat the water enough. When the couple tried to get back in touch with the company given the plumber’s name, their many calls were not returned. It cost them an additional $500 to get their heater fixed by another company.

After the plumbing company saw their review, they immediately contacted them offering to reimburse them for the repair bill. It was conditional. The Cary Family would only receive the money if they took down their review. Although this is a form of blackmail there is an even greater form of blackmail: refusing the money. The Cary family felt that it was much more important to leave up their review to warn others. Now the plumbing business is facing the issue that was inevitable with the customer service they were providing.

Careless customer service can ruin your business with the click of a single button. The couple had not written a review on any random website either. They wrote it on Google. Removing complaints from Google is not an easy task. It is especially difficult to find a reliable, well established, and credible agency for the task. Removing complaints does acknowledge that not every case is like the Cary’s though. Some cases are exaggerated and are uncalled for. What can you do to prevent a those exaggerated circumstances?

  1. Do not use automatic responses: a scripted response does not seem genuine. Genuine responses and actions are becoming more expected by consumers as they gain purchasing power.
  2. Use casual language: using formal language will make the individual(s) feel like you are superior to them which is often frustrating from a consumer point-of-view. If anything, consumers want to feel like they have the power. Make them feel as if they do.
  3. Don’t constantly apologize: “sorry for the inconvenience” is a line that is overused in customer service. Use the line once then move onto the solution. Repeating that line will emphasize that you are an inconvenience to the customer, enforcing a mental negative reputation.

Among many bad reviews on Google, there are also bad review sites that companies should regularly check. Although a bad review on a slander site about a company does not show up on the search engine, it has the potential to. Everything has the potential to dominate in a search engine. Especially if it is controversial enough to drive consumers to read it.

Businesses need to be diligent about how clients receive their services. Intentionally or unintentionally, they could set a client off.

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